In this tutorial, we'll be showing you the steps to take to go from no website, to a live portfolio website for your freelance writing profile.

We'll be using the Clean theme template and the Lancer Profile web app to create and publish the website.

The final result can be found here.

Pro tip - to easily create copy use an AI tool like chatgpt and prompt it to write something.

1. Go to and press CREATE PORTFOLIO

2. Select the Clean Theme template

This will take you to the website editor interface where you can personalize your website.

3. Select your color backgrounds

On the left side of the website you have the editor where you can select inputs for the website design or content.

On the right side you have the preview of the website where you can see in real-time what your website will look like.

On the top menu bar on the right side you can see preview options for what your website will look like in mobile, tablet, and desktop views.

For this step, you can choose from pre-selected options to customize the background gradients for the header, buttons, and footer.

4. Update the header section with your information.

The input fields match up with the pointed sections.

To update the photo, press the Upload image button and upload your image.

To update the title, enter new title text, and so on.

For the contact email, enter the email you wish to be contacted at. This button will open a mailto link with your email address pre-populated.

5. Update the about section

Follow the same pattern to update each content section using the form on the left side.

You can update the title and content of the two sections.

6. Update the statistics section

This section shows buttons 1-3 and the input fields.

Button 1 is for the first row - Location / New York

Button 2 is for the second row - Projects / 100

Button 3 is for the third row - Clients / 100

You can click each button to edit each row.

You can press the plus button to add a new row, or Delete item button to delete the selected row.

On the left side you have a list of available social media links you can add.

Find the ones you want to use and enter the exact link for that page.

Make sure you have the https:// in the url as well.

The icon will automatically appear when you enter a value.

8. Add your portfolio of work

Press the plus button to add more portfolio items and enter your field values to populate your My work section.

9. Add your testimonials

If you don't want to use this section, select the off button in the Show testimonials option.

Enter your field values the same way as before.

If you have a photo of your client who provided your testimonial, you can upload the photo with the Upload image button.

10. Add your services

The final content section are the services.

Enter the values in the same way as before.

11. Publish your website to the internet

With your website content ready to be published, you need to login.

Press the login button and choose your login method.

This will redirect you to a different website but your website data will be saved and ready once you are redirected back.

Once you are logged in, press Create new site or Load a site to select a site to save to.

Next, enter your information in the publication form.

Enter the slug for your website like example will create a URL called

Then press Publish site when you're ready.

Now your website is ready!

Visit the URL under Website: to see your brand new website.

The website in this tutorial

To edit your website content, simply load your site, and edit the information in the same way that you originally entered it, and then press the save icon in the menu. Once saved, the website will automatically be updated.