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Why build with Lancer Profile?

Free hosting

We deploy to your Netlify account, which means you pay $0 for hosting!

Compared to the cheapest prices from the competition...

SquareSpace - $12/month (paid annually).

WordPress - $5/month for the slowest option.

Wix - $5/month with ads on your website!

Linktree - $6/month for their premium option.

Shopify - $29/month.

Ghost CMS - $9/month for their cheapest option.

With Netlify, you get to connect your domain and get email forwarding for free!

Fastest website scores

Visitors won't wait for your website to load. A slow website is just as good as no website.

Own the fastest website possible. With Lancer Profile you can. - Yoda.

This website, built with Lancer Profile, has this Lighthouse score.

Own your website files and data

You can download all your website files whenever you wish on Netlify.

Want to use the HTML/CSS code generated by our app for your own use? You can, because those files are deployed to your Netlify account, not ours.

Maximum security and privacy

You can't be hacked if there's nothing to hack.

Our websites are just simple files that display information with HTML and CSS.

You're putting nothing at risk when you build and launch websites with us.

Messages are filtered through Netlify's servers.

Powerful and easy to use editor

Design and personalize your website with a powerful and intuitive interface.

You won't close this app in frustration! View below to see how easy it is to make a website with our app.

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